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Young and cute sex doll cute loli real doll Graceful figure life-size doll popular loli sex doll Sexy breasts Dutch Wife Charming Vagina Sex Doll Soft body life-size doll soft skin love doll Bishoujo Lollial Doll

Luxury blowjob doll head 110cm Dutch Wife Cute Lolly Sex Doll

146,227 yen

Brand: WM Doll

WM DOLL (Kinzo Mannequin) is one of the world famous love doll brands and the largest manufacturer of shipments in the world.

【Delivery time】
No new skeleton: around 10 business days
New skeleton available: around 15 business days

Product Description
[Safety material] Uses TPE raw materials made in the United States. It is safe and durable fat sex doll , soft and its elasticity is the human skin itself.
Safe Certification: Reliable quality, CE, RoHS certified product
. Standard features: New s real doll deepthroat keleton, oral function, eye movement, finger joint movement
【Playable】Three types of mouth (Blowjob), Vagina, and Anal are available.
【Quality Assurance】You can check the product in the photo before shipping.
(Strict Packaging) Strict packaging that ta sex bot news kes into account privacy for peace of mind!
Accessories: 1 wig, 1 washing pump, 1 USB warmer, online sex emulator free 1 random costume, 1 cotton hand, 1 comb, 1 blanket.

* Skin color


* Eye color


* Areola color


* Vagina


* labia color


* Self-standing processing

* wig


* Hand nail


* Nail for feet


Option amount

Final total

146,227 yen


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Simulate the truth

Simulating the real quality of a person's body, anatomically correct sex doll easy-clean sex doll, hands and feet feel real, the design of the f realsexdolls ace is reasonable and realistic. T sex dolls for her he breast is very soft, elastic, the skin color is soft, smooth, has a quality japanese dolls price without genuine taste.

The skin has a beautiful, natural luster and smooth feel. Doll will give you an experience you have never experienced sex simulator demo before. The joints are made of multi-metal with the latest expert adult size sex dolls ise to achieve every pose of the limb.

Real Doll with Movable Joints

Because the joints made of stainless steel are located in almost the same place as humans, the whole body can move freely. This allows the neck, shoulders, elbo pregnant dolls ws, wrists, fingers, crotch, knees and ankles to move freely, enabling all positions to be realized. The design is also cute, it is very healed after retrofit play, taking photos, sl tpe pvc coating eeping existing, hard work.


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Luxury blowjob doll head 110cm Dutch mechadoll torso Wife Cute Lolly Sex Doll

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